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New office

We are excited to announce our movement into our new office on the top floor of the World Port Center building in Rotterdam as from December 2015.

The WPC building is exactly located between the famous Hotel New York and the HAL cruise terminal on the 'Kop van Zuid'. Here, in one of Rotterdam's nicest area's, warehouse buildings from former times have been renovated into offices and some new residential/office towers have been built during the last decade. This location is surrounded by a number of restaurants and bars, and it is also not far away from the city centre.

From our office we have a 360 degree view of Rotterdam and since the WPC building is situated along the river 'de Nieuwe Maas' it is easy to overview all activities on the water. This river is the gateway between the port of Rotterdam and many inland area's in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and France. Watching the barge movements makes us even more connected to our specific physical oil market.